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Email Michelle with questions.

Collaborative Working Relationships

Email Michelle with questions.

1st Contact exists to help businesses and organizations control their own data. Michelle feels, very strongly, that end-users know their jobs and database needs best. Her highest sense of accomplishment is helping her clients get control over their own data through collaborative working relationships.

Over the years, this working style has taken on a life of its own. Michelle's clients were the first to coin the term "collaborative development". Collaborative is the first step to exercising control over data. Client willingness to invest more time managing their database projects makes for a very user-friendly database application.

Collaboration gives organizations control over their own data, because they have hands on involvement in managing the database project development. This means end-users guide 1st Contact services. End-users test and re-test during the entire life of a project. End-users determine priorities and help develop task lists based on the priorities they develop. Because end-users are willing to involve themselves in the maintenance and development of their databases, they end up with a database that fits their work processes. In short, this means that we will work together on your database project, using the following process:

  1. Initial consult and database analysis is complimentary. Email Michelle Meyer for details.
  2. One person in your organization will work with 1st Contact consistently - from the start of your database project to completion. This person will:
    • Consult with 1st Contact to build a plan.
    • Participate in regularly scheduled on-line meetings with 1st Contact to discuss progress and conduct testing.
    • Work with Michelle Meyer to create and edit specific task lists as work on your database project progresses.
    • Work on your database project will occur in regularly scheduled 3-6 hour work sessions. At the end of each sesson, your in-house contact will have the ability to test recently completed tasks before moving onto further tasks. This will allow for testing of:
      • New Data Entry Screens Reports
      • New Queries and Reporting Capabilities

Your organization will benefit from 20 years of expertise in database development, integration, maintenance and management. In addition your database project will be managed by Michelle Meyer, someone who has spent over 20 years building trusting and collaborative working relationships with her clients. To learn more about Michelle Meyer and her qualifications, check out her client list and reference letters.

Microsoft Access Expert

Email Michelle with questions.

1st Contact is independently owned and operated by Michelle Meyer. She has over 20 years of experience working with organizations on their Microsoft Access databases. Services provided include:

  • Collaborative Database Maintenance Services
  • Collaborative Custom Microsoft Database Development Services
  • Building Access User Frontends Over SQL or mySQL table structures
  • Integrating MS Access Databases with other In-house Databases
  • Consoloidating Multiple Spreadsheet Applications into a Core Access Database Application
  • Integrating Website Applications with MS Access Databases
  • Database Conversion Services
  • Consultation and Tutorial Services on Microsoft Access

Because Ms. Meyer is an independent business consultant - she has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Microsoft Access database application projects. Over the years Michelle has maintained and developed databases for clients over a broad range of organizational models. Her client list includes organizations from non-profits, government agencies, private business, and large corporations.

This broad range of experience means exposure to Access databases in a variety of environments, covering a variety of workplace needs. Ms. Meyer is accustomed to working one-on-one with end users throughout the development process. Because of this end users feel a high sense of ownership over the final database product.

Feel free to email Michelle Meyer with any questions you have about 1st Contact's database services.

Access Tips

Email Michelle with questions.

Company History

Email Michelle with questions.

1st Contact began as a business-to-business marketing firm. In 1992 Michelle Meyer began searching for a database flexible enough to meet the needs of several different marketing clients. After trying both ACT and Goldmine, Michelle found Microsoft Access.

Ms. Meyer was immediately impressed with the flexibility of Microsoft Access as compared to ACT and Goldmine. Soon afterwards she began developing Access databases for her marketing clients. Michelle enjoyed programming so much; that within the year she decided to fade out the marketing work and devote her time exclusively to building and maintaining client databases.

The world of computers and databases has changed dramatically since those old-school Tandy computers transformed our business world. And, like most small business owners, Michelle understands the need to stay current in her area of expertise. She is willing to learn new technologies, techniques and database languages. Over the years Michelle's knowledge of database work has evolved to include experience in SQL Server, mySQL, and Postgre SQL. In addition, because the world is increasingly moving towards on-line or "cloud" data management, Michelle has broadened her knowledge to include on-line website and database development as well.

Even though computer technology has changed over the years, the old-school relationships 1st Contact maintains with clients remains as strong as ever. Michelle emphasizes collaborative development because she started out in business marketing. Ms. Meyer knows what it is like to be an end-user, exasperated with inefficient databases. Because of this personal experience, Michelle places a high-priority on soliciting user input BEFORE 100s of hours are invested in a database project. Typically Michelle works in 3-6 hour sessions, so end-users have ample opportunity to test progress between work sessions. End-users are encouraged to write up task lists as they test any changes made during the previous work sessions. And these tasks are addressed before moving on to other phases of the project.

Just Email Michelle if you are interested in learning more about her services. The initial consult and analysis of your database will be complimentary.